Buying a Boat - Your Beginner's Guide

A motorboatOwning a boat is cheaper than most people think. There are some real advantages to owning your own boat. Generally boats hold their value well and can be a good investment with great rewards - whether a small trailerable boat, a traditional narrowboat, a river cruiser or an ocean going yacht.


1. Buying A Boat- Key Questions?

Before you purchase your boat you need to ask yourself a few key questions to make sure that the boat you are considering buying will serve your purposes i.e. When, and how often, will you use the boat? What type of boat would suit me?....

Click here to read the key questions that you should ask yourself before beginning your search. 

2. Which Type of Boat - New vs Used?

Whichever type of boat you are considering buying, the same principles apply but there are pros and cons to both New Boats and Pre-owned Boats.

Do your homework with our New Boat Buying Guide or Used Boat Buying Guide  

3. How to Buy a Boat 

Like purchasing a property or a vehicle, buying a boat entails a number of steps before you set off on your way; from researching boat types to setting budgets to boat inspections and setting up finance.

Familarise yourself with the process - Read our step-by-step Guide to Buying a Boat

4. Price Guide

There is a boat to suit a wide range of budgets from as a little as £250. Use the Price Guide to see what kind of boat you can get for your money.

0 - £500£501-£1000£1001-£2000
£2001-£5000£5001 - £10,000£10,000-£20,000
£300,000-£500,000£500,000 +

More Boat Buying Advice...

If you are seeking more boat buying advice and information, contact us at and we will endeavour to answer your questions.


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