How Much Do Boats Cost?

There are actually many types of boats in the market so you are very likely to be able to find something that falls within your budget.

Affordable Boating

In some cases, a family can get on the water aboard a new boat for as little as £200 a month whereas a couple could enjoy exploring the coast by canoe for under £600 or mastering the basics in a sailing dinghy or learning the ropes aboard a yacht.

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Which ever option you choose, don't forget to include additional costs such as storage, fuel, servicing, maintenance, insurance and survey reports.

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British Marine Boat Retailers & Brokers represents all companies and individuals involved in the sale of new and second-hand craft.

Members of the association, which includes over 200 marine businesses, include boat brokers and retailers, all of whom must adhere to the British Marine Boat Retailers & Brokers Code of Practice.

The code was enforced to heighten consumer confidence by providing a set of comprehensive regulations for brokers and retailers.

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