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Boats Between £100001 - £300000

Boats Between £100001 - £300000

Classic Yacht

If you fancy owning something unique then why not consider a classic yacht. These beautiful yachts often provide fantastic accommodation and an unrivalled sailing experience on the water. They do, however, require much on-going maintenance and the larger yachts often have deep keel and can be quite a challenge to find somewhere to moor them. Experience of sailing is a must too!

New River Cruiser

Example: Haines 320

If you fancy exploring the rivers, broads and lochs then this is the sort of boat for you. In this price range there are various types of river cruisers available. Expect a boat for up to 6 people to holiday on with good quality accommodation, well fitted galley and great living space. You will get a good size engine to suit all your needs on the river. Most boats are built in GRP, a hard wearing composite which needs much less maintenance than traditional materials. Virtually all river boats are too heavy to be trailable so you will need a berth or a mooring.

New luxury Sailing Yacht

Example: Najad / Dufour 455 / Beneteau Oceanis / Moody 41 and 45

In this price range you can find a new yacht on which you can sail the seven seas! There are a number of new sailing yachts, all suitable for families, sailing with friends or taking off on an ocean adventure. Yachts will be typically between 35 and 50ft and ideally suited to sea cruising. Down below you are likely to find high quality accommodation, with berths for 4 - 6 people, a full galley and wash/shower facilities. Depending on your budget yachts in this range will be set up with everything you need to live on board and for long range cruising. Your yacht will need a mooring or a berth in a marina. 

New family Power Boat / Motor Yacht

Example: Aquador 25-33 / Hardy 32 /Nimbus 340 Commander and 365 Coupe

If your dream has been to own a new power boat or motor yacht then you can certainly do so in this price range. Most of the models in this range will be under 40ft but you will still get a proper cruising boat with a cabin that you can happily holiday in and a decent size engine for cruising the open waters.

As with all power boats and motor yachts the more you pay the more you get in terms of boat length, engine size and accommodation below.

Second hand luxury Power Boat / Motor Yacht

Example: Fairline / Sealine / Princess / Sunseeker

In this price range you will find a range of second hand luxury power boats and motor yachts. Most will be under 50ft. They will offer a high degree of comfort for guests and owners alike. Some offer a “flybridge” option – this is a choice of positions for driving the boat, either in the open on the flybridge or from below. Engines are likely to be powerful diesels capable of producing good speeds to get you to your on water destination in style and good time. They will be happy in most weather conditions but are likely to need a berth in a marina to keep them secure. The price you pay will depend upon the age of the boat, its condition, size of engine and length.

New Narrow Boat

Example: Custom built traditional 50ft canal boat

Narrow boats, Canal boats and Dutch barges offer wonderful opportunities for long happy holidays on the canals, rivers and broads or they can even offer a second home. In this price range you should be able to commission your own build from a reputable builder. You can then choose how you would like it fitted out, to sort your own tastes and the sort of boating you will be doing. For more information on buying a Narrowboat for the waterways visit the Canal & River Trust >