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Boats Between £10001-£20000

Boats Between £10001-£20000

Second hand mid range family Motor Cruiser

Example: Princess 32

You can find motor cruisers of all kinds in this range, for sea going, on river and lakes. A typical boat is likely to be between 24 – 30ft and probably 10-20 years old. Engines are likely to be smaller, inboard engines. Most boats age well if looked after and these boats are perfect for motoring around the coasts with family and friends. They need to be kept on a mooring or in a marina and will need some annual maintenance.


New Sports Boat

Example: Fletcher /Sea Ray / Avor 190

Sports boats offer speed and thrills on the water. They can be fun on their own or used to hook up with other water sports such as water skiing and wakeboarding. A typical boat in this range will be under 25ft and should be capable of being towed by a family car. The cost of the boat will depend on it’s length and engine size, plus any extras such as basic facilities in any cabin.

New Sailing Yacht

Example: Crabber 17 / Drascombe Lugger

If you prefer to own a yacht from new then there is a choice of sailing yachts in this range. They will typically be between 18 and 24ft. Some are open day sailing boats and others offer a small cabin with basic facilities. Most are happy on a trailer so can be kept at home. They are great for day sails and perhaps weekending. Perfect too for exploring rivers and sheltered harbours, Swallow and Amazon style!

New family RIB

Example: Ribeye 500

Rigid Inflatable Boats have become really popular for family fun, for getting to and from our favourite destinations and for just socialising on the water. There are plenty of RIBs to choose from. Prices will depend on the length of the boat, the size of engine you would like to have on the back and any extras such as a boarding ladder or additional storage you might choose. A chunky family car should be able to deal with a RIB on a trailer or you could store it at a boatyard. Most RIBs are taken out of the water when not being used.

Second hand Narrow Boat

Narrow boats come in all shapes, sizes and condition. For a great guide on what Narrow Boat to buy visit the Canal and River Trust >

Second hand Classic Yacht

If your passion is for the sailing days of old then in this price range you can pick up an old classic yacht. This kind of yacht is likely to require some expertise to get it up to sailing condition and then you can expect to spend some of your leisure time maintaining it. However the rewards of sailing a unique part of our sailing heritage may well make it worth it.