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Boats Between £1001 - £2000

Boats Between £1001 - £2000

Second hand small Motor Boat

Example: Cabin Cruiser

Small motor boats are ideal for pottering around lakes, rivers and on sheltered waters. They can be put on trailers and driven to your chosen boating location. The smaller the boat the less engine power you need to get along comfortably. With motor boats the biggest expense is the engine. The lower the price the older the boat is likely to be so check the condition carefully.

New sailing Dinghy

Example: Laser Funboat / RS Tera / Topper Taz

In this price range you will find a number of new sailing dinghies which are designed to get you out on the water easily and quickly. Suitable for adults and children they have simple sail set ups. They are geared up for day sailing from the beach or on more sheltered waters.

Second hand Sports Boat

Example: Shetland

Sports boats are usually for day use on the sea or large lakes, for family fun, fishing, water sports or just buzzing around. They are powered by outboard or inboard engines. The bigger the engine the faster they tend to go – and the more expensive they are to buy and run!

Second hand Personal Watercraft

Example: Seadoo Bombardier GTI

Personal Watercraft, usually called jetskis, offer fast fun on the water. With some training you can be off on the water at the turn of key. They can be kept at home and trailed to the water. This price range will buy you an older model so you can get a feel for it.