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Boats Between £50001 - £100000

Boats Between £50001 - £100000

Second hand Motor Yacht

Example: Sealine S34 / Birchwood TS44 / Fairline Phantom 38 / 41

This price range will buy you a motor yacht/boat for medium to long range cruising with some comfort and pretty much all the facilities you would get at home – kitchen (galley), shower, double bed, even a TV/DVD!.

These boats are almost always built in GRP (glass reinforced plastic). They have powerful inboard engines. The price of the boat will depend on the age, length of boat, size of engine and quality of accommodation below.

When buying a motor yacht or larger power boat you need to decide how you want your boat to perform on the water – the design of the hull makes a real difference. Some people want to reach their destination at speed and choose a power boat that will skim over the waves, known as a planning boat. These are not that comfortable in all weather conditions and may not be that economical. Others like a boat that will go through any weather, slowly and surely, these are known as displacement boats. And then there are those who prefer the best of both worlds, boats with semi-displacement hulls which are more stable than planning boats but offer some speed. Don’t be scared by the language though, the best thing to do is decide what you want for the boat for and then ask the company to explain which type is for you.

Custom built RIB or Power Boat

Example: Scorpion / Revenger / Goldfish

The UK has a great reputation for producing fantastic custom built boats. There are many companies who are building power boats and RIB’s to individual specifications. If you fancy a boat that is designed to your own needs then you should be able to buy one in this price range. Most of the RIB and power boat manufacturers will build a boat just for you.

Second hand larger family Sailing Yacht

Example: Oyster / Hallberg Rassey / Najad / Bavaria

If you are thinking of some serious cruising in this country or abroad this price range will find you a perfect yacht, though the less you pay in this range the older the model is likely to be. The price is largely based on the age of the yacht, its length and the standard of the accommodation below. You can expect a yacht of around 30 – 40 ft, with comfortable accommodation and all live-aboard cooking/wash facilities. The yacht will come with a full set of sails for all types of weather, an inboard engine and usually all the navigation and other equipment you will need to sail and moor her.

New family Sailing Yacht

Example: Elan Impression 344 / Link 30 / Bavaria 38 / Legend 33

If you fancy being the very first owner of a yacht then you’ll be pleased to know in this price range there are a number of new sailing yachts, all suitable for families or sailing with friends. Yachts will be typically between 30 and 40ft and great for sea cruising. In the cabin you are likely to find berths for 4 - 6 people and full cooking and washing facilities. Yachts in this range come with all the sails you need for cruising. Family yachts in this price range will need a mooring or a berth in a marina 

New Narrow Boat

Example Sea Otter 36

Narrow boats, Canal boats and Dutch barges offer wonderful opportunities for long happy holidays on the canals, rivers and broads or they can even offer a second home. In this price range you will a limited number of new narrow boats. It really pays to trawl the magazines and web sites and then visit some boats for sale to get a feel for them.