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Boats Between £5001 - £10001

Boats Between £5001 - £10001

Second hand family smaller/older Motor Cruiser

Example: Sealine 22

In this price range there are a number of second hand power boats or small motor cruisers to be bought. They vary from smaller, fast boats which have reasonable size outboard engines, seats for up to 4 people and probably a small cabin to a slower motor boat for rivers and fair weather motor boating. These have accommodation for a family for overnight and either an inboard or outboard engine. The price will depend on the age and condition of the boat.

New small Rigid Inflatable Boat

Example: RibCraft

These are day boats with a solid hull and inflatable tubes around the hull. This makes them stable but easy to manoeuvre. They are perfect for family outings. Easy to use, easy to get started and can be kept on a trailer. There is plenty of choice in this price range but you will need to be careful with choice of engine to stay in budget. The bigger the engine the higher the price will be. Price will also depend on the type of inflatable tubes – check the material is hard wearing and sun proof.

New Sailing Dinghy for racing or the family

Example:RS 5000 / Laser 2000

There are some great new sailing dinghies around in this price range. It’s up to you whether you want fast and furious or something the family can use at weekends. Virtually all are built from GRP, a material which is hardwearing and doesn’t require too much maintenance. Typically the dinghy will be under 18ft and therefore easy to trail and store.

Second hand family Sailing Yacht

Example: Hunter Horizon 23

There are many older yachts available in this price range. Some are of an older design and perhaps not as easy to sail. Before buying in this range take some time to find out more about the characteristics of particular yacht types. For an easy to sail family yacht consider a GRP yacht with a single mast, simple sails which are easy to use (furl) and a keel which makes mooring easy anywhere. Some yachts in this range can be kept on a trailer (trailer-sailer) but most will need a mooring or a berth in a marina.