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Boats Between £501 - £1000

Boats Between £501 - £1000

Beginners Windsurfer package

Example: Fanatic Viper package

For around £800 you can buy one of the new ranges of beginner’s windsurfers. Many windsurf retailers will throw in free lessons when you buy a package.

Small inflatable Tender/Dinghy

Example: Honda 2.5M Aluminium Floor Dinghy

There are a number of these types of boats on the market for around the £500 price tag. They are inflatable so can be easily transportable in a bag. Add a low horse power engine to take you exploring on rivers and flat open seas or just use the oars for short trips out. Depending on the size of inflatable you should be able can sit two adults comfortably or an adult and a couple of children.

Second hand small Sailing Yacht

Example: Corribee Bilge Keel

This is the same kind of yacht that Dame Ellen McArthur used to sail around Great Britain when she was in her teens! It’s just over 20 feet long, easy to sail and easy to moor. Expect to pay around £1000 for an old model in reasonable condition. Other small sailing yachts can be bought for around the same price. Most will need you to do some work to get them fit for sailing. You never know it could be the start of your own mini adventure!

GRP Rowing Boat

Example: Heyland Toad

GRP is glass reinforced plastic, the preferred material for most boat builders now. A GRP boat is easy to maintain and very robust to use. Rowing boats are great for days out on the water and can also double up as fishing and work boats. This type costs around £900 new, can take a couple of adults and children easily.

Two person touring Kayak

Example: Horizon Tandem Kayak by Perception

Touring in canoes and kayaks is growing in popularity. These boats are easy to pop on the top of a car and just go. They are made of a composite material so need little maintenance. You don’t need much equipment either but you can get a long way on the water. Typical touring boats costs around £700 - £900