Buying A Used Boat

When it comes to used boats, you have a wide range of choices. You can buy from a Dealer who has taken boats in part exchange and now has them for sale, or you can buy from a Broker, who is selling boats on behalf of private individuals. You can also buy from private individuals who have chosen to sell their boat themselves.

Buying from a Dealer or a Broker provides you with the assurance that all of the necessary paperwork and checks will be carried out, and a dealer may also offer a limited warranty. Dealing with a private individual is slightly more complex and they may not necessarily know how to formalise the transaction to help protect yourself and themselves.

Visit a Boat Broker

Boat brokers are a good source of help as they can walk you through the entire boat buying process from determining what type of boat you want, and negotiating the price, to arranging financing and drafting a contract. They also have an extensive database of boats and a network of contacts from which to search - This saves you time and allows you to focus on boat selection. They often provide local information on different yacht services, such as engine repair, dockage and inspection services.

If you are thinking of buying through a broker, just give them a call - they will be happy to ask all your questions and discuss any potential concerns.

Boat Retailers and BrokersBoat Retailers and Brokers Association
The Boat Retailers and Brokers Association (BRBA) represents all companies and individuals involved in the sale of new and second-hand craft.

Members of the BRBA, which includes over 200 marine businesses, include boat brokers and retailers, all of whom must adhere to the BRBA Code of Practice.

The code was enforced to heighten consumer confidence by providing a set of comprehensive regulations for brokers and retailers.

To find a BRBA broker, click here

Visit a Boat Dealer

Many brokers also act as dealers. Dealers are a good source of help as they have an extensive network of contacts and boat listings from which to search and can greatly increase your likelihood of finding the right boat. Generally speaking, if they own the boat, they will know the boat's history and have the boat's survey.

A good dealer will walk you through the entire boat buying process, from determining what type of boat you want, to arranging financing and negotiating a contract. Generally speaking, if they own the boat, they will know the boat's history and have a survey. About the only thing a broker will not do is survey the boat although he may provide you with a list of surveyors. Alternatively, you could contact The Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association (YDSA).

Visit a Boat Show

Southampton Boat ShowIf you're undecided on the make and model of boat, then visiting boat shows is an excellent way to compare several types of used boats in one location. Many boat manufacturers use boat shows to showcase their boats, and there may be an opportunity for a deal.

The UK's premiere Boat Shows are the Southampton Boat Show (Sept) and the London Boat Show (Jan).

Private Seller - Online/Publication Classifieds

Many private sellers choose to advertise boats for sale through publications like Yachting MonthlyMotor Boat & YachtingYachting WorldPractical Boat Owner magazines. These resources will give you a good means to compare prices of each model when making your decision.

When you have found the boat, one important tip is to check that the boat has not been stolen. Request owneship documentation from the seller and check to see if the boat for sale has been reported stolen

If you choose you buy your boat from a private seller, be aware that there is no guarantee that the boat is clear of finance and there may not be any paperwork. You need to ensure that you are not liable for outstanding finance and debts so be clear what paperwork is required as you may have difficulty selling without the necessary paperwork).

How To Buy a Used Boat

Use this detailed guide of the Boat Buying Process to help you when buying your used boat.

Checklist - Buying a New Boat

This Checklist will provide you with the essential questions that you should be asking your broker/dealer when purchasing a used boat - Print this Check list out and take it with you!

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