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Ownership Alternatives

Ownership Alternatives

Boat membership and boatshare offer an alternative to boat ownership and yacht charter that may suit those people who want a degree of flexibility and for various reasons don’t want to commit to boat ownership just yet.

Membership Boating:

Membership Boating is an increasing popular way to get on the water, offering many of the benefits of ownership but without the capital commitment, mooring costs and maintenance issues. Members have flexible access to one or more boats that they enjoy over a 12 month contract. There are a number of options

Single boat

If you don’t know the exact type of boat that suits all your needs or you want the familiarity of one boat, single boat membership is a good option.


If you want the freedom of being able to skipper the boat of your choice when it is convenient for you, a flexible membership package will allow you to choose from a fleet of power and sailing yachts – you can select just sail or power, or combine them to egt the most out of your time on the water.


This option allows you to join a skippered boat for 10 days, throughout the year, with like minded people and opportunity to make private crewing arrangements.

Boatshare or Shared Ownership

Boatshare allows you to share the purchase and running costs of your boat with other like minded owners. Sharing a boat with up to 9 others will get you on the water at significantly lower cost than outright ownership. The boat is managed for you so that you spend your time cruising rather than on administration and maintenance.

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