Learn Boating

To get started you don’t need any expensive equipment, you don’t need to know any special language and you don’t even need to be that fit! There are plenty of opportunities around the UK for most types of water sports.

Top tips to get on the water

Go with someone you know

This is one of the most common ways of getting on the water. Over 3 million people get out on the water in UK.

Hire a Boat

Like all outdoor activities the prices change depending on the season. Week days are cheaper than weekends and a couple of days may be cheaper than one day.

Join a Club

There are lots of clubs, all around the UK, and not just on the sea! Many hold open or taster days for you to try them out. Why not give them a call or go on-line and find your next opportunity.


Find A Slipway

Getting on the water can be as simple as finding your nearest access to water and buying a second hand canoe. A word of advice though – it pays to check out the local conditions and make sure you take care of your own safety on the water.


Join a Big Adventure or Enjoy Local Competition

If you are feeling like adventure then why not sign up to race around the world, or even one leg of it! Try Clipper Round the World. If competition is your thing then why not sign up as crew for one of the many regattas and race series that take place around the country. It’s usually free too.


Try it First on Holiday

There’s a huge range of holidays to choose from – in the UK and abroad. Your holiday afloat can be as energetic or as relaxed as you like. Check out the On The Water recommendations using the holiday search.


Go to an Event

To get a real flavour of boating before you buy why not go to a taster event or a boat show. Have a look at the On the Water events calendar to find an event near you. 

Many water sports clubs and centres also hold open days. Watch out for details in local newspapers and on local authority web sites.

Boat Shows

TheYachtMarket.com Southampton Boat Show 2018 

Leisure Boating Ideas

British Marine Leisure Boating

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