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Corporate Hospitality

Corporate Hospitality

More and more businesses use the water as a great way to reward, encourage and connect with clients and staff.

The UK has a thriving water-based corporate hospitality industry with a wide range and level of activities available.

Corporate Hospitality Packages

Packages vary from one day team building events with companies like Jubilee Sailing Trust and Sunsail to full on regattas with matching yachts and all the kit!

As you would imagine, the costs vary too but packages can be customised to your needs. If you’re already experienced on the water and want to charter a yacht for the day for business then it’s easily done and can be cost effective.

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What customers say:

You have time with people. It’s not like with football or rugby, with Sunsail you are with them all day, you move around the boat, in the evening you go for a meal, it’s a lot more sociable, we get a huge loyalty from these things’

At a rugby match I can talk to one or two over lunch, its constrained. On a boat, you can interact with 7 people’

Doing is much better than watching, you get more to talk about’

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