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Creative Resins Distribution

Trading name(s)AGlaze International Ltd
Telephone01795 599880
Fax01795 599095
Address7 The Glenmore Centre Castle Road Eurolink
ME10 3GL
United Kingdom
OverviewSuppliers of GRP sealants protecting against UV rays, industrial fallout, salt water and diesel marks. Also suppling hull cleaner, fender cleaner and sealant, fabic protector, crystal vision, vinyl and leather protector.

Creative Resins Distribution operates in the following activities:

M = manufacturer, D = Distributor, I = Importer, R = Retailer, S = Service
Marine Equipment and Accessories
Boat Care, Chemicals, Coatings, Maintenance
Cleaners and PolishesM
Cleaning Equipment and ToolsM
Corrosion InhibitorsM
Sealant and Caulking ProductsM
Vinyl Materials and AccessoriesM
Marine Services
Boat ShowsS
Maintenance Facilities
Boat CleaningS
Chandlers and Marine StoresS