Member details

Hobbs of Henley Ltd

Trading name(s)Hobbs Marine Store
Telephone01491 572035
Fax01491 576124
AddressStation Road
United Kingdom

Hobbs of Henley Ltd operates in the following activities:

M = manufacturer, D = Distributor, I = Importer, R = Retailer, S = Service
Boating Holidays
Charter and Hire
Boat Hire inlandS
Charters bareboatS
Charters crewedS
Boats, Yachts and Vessels
Activity Craft
Rowing Boats and PuntsS
Commercial Vessels
Passenger and Tour BoatsS
Electric Powered BoatsS
Launches and Dayboats FRPS
Launches and Dayboats steel and aluminiumS
Launches and Dayboats woodS
Motor Yachts (FRP)S
Motor Yachts (steel and aluminium)S
Marine Equipment and Accessories
Marina and Boatyard Equipment
Cradles and Boat StandsS
Cranes, Hoists and Travel LiftsS
Dock Equipment and FixturesS
Dry Boat Storage Stacking SystemsS
Fuelling SystemsS
Marine Services
Boatbuilding and Technical Services
General Boatbuilding ServicesS
Boat ShowsS
Maintenance Facilities
Boat CleaningS
Boat Repair Yards and ServicesS
Boat RestorationS
Electrical Maintenance and InstallationS
Electronics Maintenance and InstallationS
Engine Maintenance and InstallationS
Moorings and Waterside Services
Boat Lifts and HoistsS
Fuelling StationsS
Pump-outs and Waste Disposal FacilitiesS
River and Canal Bank MooringsS
Storage AshoreS
Boat Owner AssociationsS
Boat Show ProducersS