Thundercats Racing

Race Powered Craft

Race Powered Craft

Powerboat racing comes in all different shapes and sizes from a 10ft single seater to a 180mph Class 1 offshore catamaran. Racing can be accessible to nearly all ages and backgrounds through activities such as youth rib challenges and sponsored development boats. One of the UK’s most popular and largest sports is the grass-root series known as ThunderCat Racing where a two man crew take control of a 4m inflatable catamaran boat with a 50hp tiller controlled outboard motor.

This guide provides a brief introduction into the spectacular world of boat racing and a detailed profile on all the essential information to join in on the racing scene whether it’s to volunteer as a marshall, train to be a race team member or simply an armchair fan. 

The Main Disciplines of Racing

Circuit Racing – Fast and furious action happening on lakes and inland water. Examples include: Formula 1, GT 30 and GT15 and P750

Jetsport Racing - More commonly known as Jet skis or Personal Water Craft, Racing in on inland water and the open sea: Examples include: AquaX, freestyle and JSRA.

Offshore Racing - Probably the most extreme type of watersport, a real adrenaline fuelled sport. Examples include: ThunderCat Racing (P750), Powerboat P1, Class 3, XCats and Class 1 offshore racing,

The sport is administered by the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) who in association with their affiliated Powerboat Racing Clubs both organise and regulate the sport.

Boat Shows Southampton Boat Show 2018 

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