Personal Watercraft

Personal Watercraft (PWC) are all about speed and excitement, but easy handling and different sizes makes them suitable for everyone from families to groups and couples to individuals.

PWCs are powered by a jet pump, and learning to ride is straightforward - you sit down (or stand up) and use handlebars to steer them over the water. These mobile versatile craft are a great way to access hidden coastline with the kids, race your friends across a lake or master freestyle tricks in the waves. What's more, they can be easily towed behind a car, launched from public slipways and stored in garages or gardens.

PWC's are often described by their trade names including Jet Skis (Kawasaki), Waverunners (Yamaha) and Sea Doos (Jets Marivent), but there are five basic types.

Types of Personal Watercraft

One Seater (Sit-Down)
Single seaters are designed for performance and cornering more aggressively so are less stable and harder to get back on board in deep water. If you are new to PWC’s, a 2 seater might be a better option.

Two Seater (Sit-Down)
These PWC’s have all the performance of a single seater, but are more stable and have the advantage of a pillion seat which means you can explore coastline with a friend or family member.

Three and Four Seater (Sit-Down)
Three seater PWCs are bigger and incredibly versatile and stable; they can be used to zip around as a solo rider, cruise the waters with the family or tow a Water Skier, Wakeboarder, Banana or a Tube.

Stand Up
As the name suggests, the rider stands up whilst steering the PWC using handlebars. Stand up PWC’s have a narrow hull and require more practice to master, but once mastered you’ll have loads of fun perfecting stunts and manoeuvres.

Video - Ride a PWC with Yamaha

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