Power Boat and Cruiser

Motor cruising is all about exploring new places in comfort without relying on the wind. Equipped with powerful engines, sleeping berths, a kitchen and many modern home amenities, motor cruisers are able to travel large distances quickly and have the capacity to stay on the water for days. This makes them ideal for entertaining friends, family, discovering new places or adventuring from country to country. In one day, it is possible to leave a marina on the south coast and cruise across the English Channel to enjoy French cuisine.

Coastal Motor Cruising 

Motor cruisers vary greatly in size depending on the type of cruising that you will be doing. Sport motor cruisers feature large deck areas and swimming platforms, with steering controls in the cabin and on the fly bridge; this offers driving options for sunny and rainy days, while motor yachts tend to lean toward comfort with large indoor salons, sleeping berths and other amenities to enhance your enjoyment on a long cruise.

Inland Motor Cruising 

This section of the guide deals specifically with coastal motor cruising. For information on inland motor cruising please see the OTW Guide to Inland Cruising

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