RIBs and Sports Boats


A RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) has a solid hull, but a rubber tube round the gunwale that means it can travel faster and more safely than an inflatable out at sea or in waves. The tube also allows it to come alongside other boats or harbour walls without being damaged. This makes it an ideal first-time family boat.
Ideal for beach hopping, skiing, exploring, fishing, swimming, snorkelling, or just sun bathing. They are a favourite for every occasion. RIB's have a deep ‘V’ shaped hull, designed to cut through and cushion the impact of the waves, giving a smooth comfortable ride.

They offer a dry ride and are reassuring and forgiving to drive. It is the ideal boat for the first time RIB owner with limited experience. The deck provides a stable platform, with its tough easy to clean, slip-resistant finish. There is a choice of engine size, electronics, seating and a huge range of accessories

RIBs can start as small as 3m (10ft), suitable for 2-3 people in sheltered waters, but for a family on the sea it should be at least 4-5m (13-16ft). A 4-5m RIB is easily towed behind a family saloon, and can be launched by two people. Larger RIBs, up to 6m or 8m can undertake cross-Channel trips with the correct equipment and an experienced crew. Engines will almost always be outboards, single motors for boats from 3-6m, with twin engines possible on larger boats. Speeds will usually be 20-40 knots.

Sports Cruisers (<30 feet)

Sports cruisers are high-performance boats constructed from fibreglass with a low capacity. They typically have two berths and are available in either petrol or diesel options.

Express Cruisers

Express cruisers are high-performance and high capacity boats. These spacious and fuel efficient craft are more suitable for families and extended cruising. They can be of a similar size to the sports cruisers, but they also go much larger and mostly use diesel power.

Boat Shows

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