Get into Wakeboarding 

Wakeboarding is like a combination of water skiing and snowboarding. The rider uses a wide 'skateboard' style board whilst being pulled over the water by a powerboat or overhead cable.

Powerboat Wakeboarding

Can be more expensive, but allows the rider to get one to one tuition. The boat produces a wake, and the rider uses this ‘ramp’ of water to do aerial tricks and jumps, whilst traversing from left to right across the surface of the water.

Cable Wakeboarding

Is often cheaper than boat wakeboarding and also gives you more time on the water, but doesn’t allow for as much wakeboard tuition. The rider is pulled across the water by a mechanical cable system at the same speed as a boat tow. Without the wake of the boat, riders use a technique when going around corners to generate speed and to perform manoeuvres and tricks using obstacles in the water such as kicker ramps and sliders, similar to skateboarding.