Canoeing is a great way to escape and visit places that are normally hard to reach by foot or car, as well as being healthy exercise and a fun activity to enjoy with friends and family of all ages and fitness levels. This site focuses on recreational canoeing, which means casual paddling on calm water such as ponds, flat water rivers, lakes and sheltered coastal bays.

To get started canoeing you don’t need any expensive equipment, you don’t need to know any special language and you don’t even need to be that fit!

Go with someone you know!

This is one of the most common and cheapest ways of getting on the water. Over 3 million people get out on the water in the UK. We bet you know someone who likes Canoeing – why not ask if you can join them on the water?

Canoes are different from Kayaks, in that they are open top, have no seats and you paddle them by using single-ended paddles. They are ideal for family canoeing, canal & river touring, and can carry several paddlers and their equipment. They are often referred to as ‘Canadian Canoes’ because of the likeness to canoes used by American Indians.

Video - Canoeing on the Dilham Canal