Kayaking is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels.

Kayaks are different from canoes as the paddler uses a double-ended paddle and sits under the deck of the kayak although there are also sit-on-top kayaks. 

What type of Kayaking do you want to do?

Kayaks are hugely versatile and you can find an activity to suit your interests whether it be day trips, touring, expeditions, polo, slalom, whitewater and surfing - there is something for everyone! If you want to escape from the bustle of modern life, why not use a kayak to go touring and explore the places that are otherwise hard to access by foot? But if you're more after an adrenaline rush - how about whitewater kayaking, which involves taking your kayak down rapids?

  • Recreational Kayaking - is designed for the casual paddler interested in a peaceful paddle on a flat water river or lake, and one of the most common ways to learn kayaking.
  • Sea kayaking - takes place against the elements and the waves.
  • Surf kayaking - is similiar to surfing, and the boats are flat-bottomed and have a flat deck, that enables them to respond well to waves.
  • Kayak Fishing - the paddler uses an especially adapted kayak that includes features such as hatches, built-in rod holders, catch bags and equipment mounts.
  • White Water kayaking - involves navigating rough stretches of river and rapids. The boats tend to be a rounded shape for maximum buoyancy, and beginners are able to learn the basics in a month or two.
  • Freestyle kayaking - the paddlers perfom tricks and stunts on and under the surface of the water using especially designed boats.
  • Slalom kayaking - is similar to white water kayaking, but the paddler must complete a course consisting of sets of two poles ('gates') suspended above the water, without making mistakes.
  • Marathon kayaking - involves paddling 26 miles on flat water.
  • Canoe Polo - despite its name, this sport actually uses a kayak and teams (of five players) try to score goals against the other.   

Kayaking Video - How to surf a river wave